Top 10 Reasons to Buy IMTL

Top 10 Reasons to Buy IMTL

1. With a history of 50% gains on the swing from low to high and the
potential for a multibagger, IMTL looks poised again for a move. Full
size chart:

2. Joins with MadHive to leverage blockchain and decentralized technologies

3. In talks with a major Blue Chip company about a key partnership
arrangement, and will disclose more details on this very soon

4. IPShare™ platform will be ready for market within 60 days

5. In talks with a number of internet influencers and celebrity

6. designing our own unique marketplace that will include more than 20
million images for free use, providing us with a massive archive of live
assets for tracking and monetization using our IPShare™ technology

7. Higbee Associates, a very successful Copyright Infringement Law firm
with a well-established reputation for expert processing of Copyright
Infringement collections, will now handle all of our collection and
litigation directly for all of our domestic clientele.

8. IPShare(tm) video:

9. Huge demand for image copyright protection:

10. Shares Outstanding 253M 3/1/19; Authorized 750M 3/1/19




Shareholder word cloud collage business concept background

Shareholder word cloud collage business concept background

Top 10 Reasons to Buy IVST

1. Channeling for almost 6 months in the $0.15-$0.30 range, IVST is
ready for another breakout. Full size chart:

2. Set to Add $30 Million in Annual Revenue with Pending Acquisition

3. Media Efforts Take Root Ahead of Biotechnology Developments

4. 20% ownership in Stem Vax. StemVax brain tumor vaccine has been
granted patent approval after a nine year filing process

5. First half 2018 revenue growth 55.8%

6. No convertible debts, no warrants or options outstanding

7. Current assets of $877,861; Cash balance of $561,062

8. Winslow Asset Management, the first institutional investor in
Innovest Global, filed showing that they remain a long shareholder

9. OCT Pink Current

10. Shares Outstanding Shares 109M 9/14/18. Float Shares 11.7M 8/16/18