Shareholder word cloud collage business concept background




Shareholder word cloud collage business concept background

Shareholder word cloud collage business concept background

Top 10 Reasons to Buy IVST

1. Channeling for almost 6 months in the $0.15-$0.30 range, IVST is
ready for another breakout. Full size chart:

2. Set to Add $30 Million in Annual Revenue with Pending Acquisition

3. Media Efforts Take Root Ahead of Biotechnology Developments

4. 20% ownership in Stem Vax. StemVax brain tumor vaccine has been
granted patent approval after a nine year filing process

5. First half 2018 revenue growth 55.8%

6. No convertible debts, no warrants or options outstanding

7. Current assets of $877,861; Cash balance of $561,062

8. Winslow Asset Management, the first institutional investor in
Innovest Global, filed showing that they remain a long shareholder

9. OCT Pink Current

10. Shares Outstanding Shares 109M 9/14/18. Float Shares 11.7M 8/16/18

10 reasons to buy $dirv

Blue Horseshoe Alerts Presents:
DirectView Holdings, Inc.
Symbol: OTC: DIRV
Top 10 Reasons to Buy DIRV
1. Bounce ready after a small flush today. Holding the 50 ma. Full size chart:
2. Chosen to Design and Implement Security and Surveillance Upgrade of High Profile Park Avenue Office Towers in New York City
3. Files For Uplisting to be Traded on the OTCQB Venture Market
4.  Virtual Surveillance Engaged by a S&P 500 US Commercial Airline Federal Credit Union Headquartered in the Southwest
5. Redesign Its Multi-Million Dollar Ecommerce Surveillance Website for a 2018 Summer Relaunch
6. Inks Deal With Emerging Top-Tier California CBD Processing Facility
7. Sees $500K Jump in Revenues to Bring YTD Sales to $6 Million
8. 2017 revenues reached $2.9M, up 531% from 2016
9. 2017 gross profit reached $1.3M, up 450% from 2016
10. OTC QB uplisting. Shares Outstanding Shares 141M 4/30/18. Float Shares 133M 4/30/18
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Top 10 Reasons to Buy FHBC



Top 10 Reasons to Buy FHBC

1. Looks like a possible double bottom $0.01 bounce play here. Full size chart:

2. Completes New Look for Roadkill (Kids drink)

3. New look was approved by a major national convenience store chain

4.  Initial purchase order of 8 containers consisting of a total of 11,500 cases generating $120,960.00 in revenue over 6 weeks

5. The flavors will be “Go Get’em Grape,” “Fly’n Fruit Punch,” “Rocket Raspberry” and “Awesome Apple.”

6.  The new look is bright, colorful, fun and is what the retailer considers “Family Friendly.

7. The Company is expecting to complete this process in the next 30 days positioning itself perfectly for the upcoming summer season

8. Fernhill Beverage will be releasing the name and the locations of the retailer once a formal purchase order has been fulfilled.

9. Outstanding Shares 100,020,225 a/o Dec 31, 2016  and Float 15,200,000 a/o Dec 31, 2016

10. OTC PK Current Information


10 reasons to buy $ngtf


NightFood Holdings Inc.

Symbol: NGTF
Top 10 Reasons to Buy NGTF

1. After months of near 0 volume. Major interested has focused on $NGTF
with the OTC QB up-list. Full size chart:

2. CEO interview on Fox Business 4/30/17

3. New flavors, new formats.

4. Secures $5m in funding

5. Looking at merger and acquisition options

6. The only nighttime craving health food

7. Engages leading e-commerce agency

8. Almost half of all snacking occurs between dinner and bed, resulting
in over $1B/week in consumer spending

9. Shares Outstanding 29,384,432 a/o Mar 30, 2017, Float 4,331,000 a/o
Mar 30, 2017

10. OTC QB Up-List Completed Today


scam artist James Raymond




You have to be kidding me you run an event to raise awareness and money for autism! James Raymond, you bring on PWA papw ROH and others Indy talent to help you and the check bounces and you run off with the money really who do you think you are. You take people’s hard earn money think you’re going to get away with this the world going to know about you real soon going to share this with all my followers please share this.

On April 22, at the East Haven Ice Rink, a show was put on that was to benefit autism awareness. PAPW brass was approached by a guy by the name of James Raymond, months prior, asking for assistance with the show and ring rental. The show was to have local Indy talent, and various other stars, encompassing various promotions, including PAPW, PWA, ROH, Lucha Underground and more.
Since the show, James Raymond has not been heard from. The check that he gave to the brass for our assistance, bounced and the account is currently in a negative state. We feel that James Raymond brought us along on a fraudulent scheme. Along with the check bouncing, there were members of the locker room that were never paid. The group that was to benefit from this, Autism Awareness, (ASRC) has been contacted, and we were advised and it was confirmed by Mario Mancini, that they did not receive any money that they were supposed to.
If this message can be shared as much as possible to get the word out there and we can find James Raymond and get the money that is owed, and to make sure that he doesn’t do this to anyone else


investor relations that deliver results



Market awareness & digital media at its finest the market is changing no longer a newsletter capture the results you need &want and I feel I have that change you want and need I been in this business a short time 6 years and I have the blueprint to increase your sales and price per share grow your shareholder base .let’s get into the blueprint
My name Michael j hall and the one guy that going to increase your sales &market share. Look digital media marketing is the future look more people watch YouTube videos and watch people play video games than watch TV the game has change you no longer have to be a TV or movie star to be famous. YouTube gave people a platform to create content and market them self. Big YouTube stars have mass followings 100 of million followers. That buy all their stuff. As you see that has a huge upside to your brand sales in your product and stock price have huge mass appeal. Some befit of my blueprint.




Let’s get down to business are you looking to raise 500k to 2million in 3 to 6 months 10 million to 20 million in a year then let’s talk asap we buy edge debt as well look at some of most recent deals. contact me asap spots are starting to fill up for our spring special.

Pure Hospitality Solutions Inc. $pnow
Was hired for 3-day market awareness plan budget was 5k
Within the 3day run, it traded well over 188.844.096 shares
Oncbiomune Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OBMP)
Was hired for 2-day investor awareness program budget 2k
Traded well over 251,000 shares low 0.32 cents high 36 cent




Top 10 Reasons to Buy $AFOM









Top 10 Reasons to Buy AFOM

1. Low volume take down over the past couple of days has $AFOM in over sold territory. Full size chart:

2. All For One Media Corp. Featured On

3. All For One Media Corp. signs Wendy Starland as the Creative Director of new movie musical, “Crazy For the Boys”

4. OTC Markets Group Welcomes Newly Verified OTCQB Companies – $AFOM

5. All For One Media Corp. (AFOM) Shareholder Update: Mt. Kisco, New York    Press Release

6. Early Equine, Inc. Announces Name Change to All For One Media Corp. (“AFOM”)

7. Early Equine, Inc. Announces the Purchase of Certain Assets of Crazy for the Boys, LLC and its First Major Motion Picture Production

8. Targets the Tween demographic, a highly active and rapidly growing segment of the social media marketplace

9. Shares Outstanding 17,692,760 a/o Feb 6, 2017, Float 742,483 a/o Feb 2, 2017

10. OTC QB Current SEC Reporting

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