10 reasons to buy $ngtf


NightFood Holdings Inc.

Symbol: NGTF
Top 10 Reasons to Buy NGTF

1. After months of near 0 volume. Major interested has focused on $NGTF
with the OTC QB up-list. Full size chart:

2. CEO interview on Fox Business 4/30/17

3. New flavors, new formats.

4. Secures $5m in funding

5. Looking at merger and acquisition options

6. The only nighttime craving health food

7. Engages leading e-commerce agency

8. Almost half of all snacking occurs between dinner and bed, resulting
in over $1B/week in consumer spending

9. Shares Outstanding 29,384,432 a/o Mar 30, 2017, Float 4,331,000 a/o
Mar 30, 2017

10. OTC QB Up-List Completed Today


scam artist James Raymond




You have to be kidding me you run an event to raise awareness and money for autism! James Raymond, you bring on PWA papw ROH and others Indy talent to help you and the check bounces and you run off with the money really who do you think you are. You take people’s hard earn money think you’re going to get away with this the world going to know about you real soon going to share this with all my followers please share this.

On April 22, at the East Haven Ice Rink, a show was put on that was to benefit autism awareness. PAPW brass was approached by a guy by the name of James Raymond, months prior, asking for assistance with the show and ring rental. The show was to have local Indy talent, and various other stars, encompassing various promotions, including PAPW, PWA, ROH, Lucha Underground and more.
Since the show, James Raymond has not been heard from. The check that he gave to the brass for our assistance, bounced and the account is currently in a negative state. We feel that James Raymond brought us along on a fraudulent scheme. Along with the check bouncing, there were members of the locker room that were never paid. The group that was to benefit from this, Autism Awareness, (ASRC) has been contacted, and we were advised and it was confirmed by Mario Mancini, that they did not receive any money that they were supposed to.
If this message can be shared as much as possible to get the word out there and we can find James Raymond and get the money that is owed, and to make sure that he doesn’t do this to anyone else

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