Top 10 Reasons to Buy DATI

1. A year ago this was trading in the $1 range. It is oversold here at
$0.15 range and ready for a move up again. Full size chart:

2. DATI Applauds TruCrowd on Soft Launch of New Music Portal (Owns 24.9%
with warrants for 19.9% additional)

3. DATI to increase investment interest in TruCrowd

4.  DATI’s four-phase process: Accelerate, Incubate, Acquire (current
phase of TruCrowd), Spin-out.

5. DATI’s equity portfolio surpasses its total market value!

6. DATI estimates a more than 15x increase in equity portfolio

7. Successful projects include companies such as WorkDone, BEAN, and
Twin Bays Hop Farms.

8. TruCrowd (24.9% owned by DATI) owns, a crowdfunding
platform for Cannabis companies.

9.Fundanna helped Transatlantic Real Estate LLC reach investment target,
over 350 investors invested nearly $200k so far.

10. Shares Outstanding 26M 2/28/19; Float 3.2M 3/14/19


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