Top 10 Reasons to Buy IVST

1. 1st stage breakout just completed, IVST is ready for another move
after holding $0.40 support. Full size chart:

2. Grown from $0 revenue to $34M revenue this year

3. LOI on pending acquisition to add $12M in revenue

4. 20% ownership in Stem Vax. StemVax brain tumor vaccine has been
granted patent approval after a nine year filing process

5. First half 2018 revenue growth 55.8%

6. No convertible debts, no warrants or options outstanding

7. Current assets of $877,861; Cash balance of $561,062

8. Winslow Asset Management, the first institutional investor in
Innovest Global, filed showing that they remain a long shareholder

9. Leadership under Dan Martin has been tremendous. Investor Video:

10. Shares Outstanding Shares 109M 9/14/18. Float Shares 11.8M 8/16/18
(no changes in over 2 years)

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